Police not fooled by ‘plonker’s’ Del Boy driving licence

A “plonker” handed police a driving licence stating he was Del Boy Trotter from BBC comedy Only Fools and Horses. Police found the driver had no insurance after pulling the car over in Terrington, near King’s Lynn. The only licence the driver had was in the name of Del Trotter and stated the owner of… Read More »

Jim Jefferies U.K. Police Ride-Along

Jim embeds himself with police in Birmingham, England, to find out how the U.K.’s tough gun laws have affected the country’s violent crime rate.

This K-9 can absolutely FLY!

This K-9 can absolutely FLY! Watch as this wild Southern California police chase comes to an abrupt end after a K-9 sprints and leaps into action, tackling the suspect to the ground and holding him there until his partners arrive to cuff him.

The Best of Police Compilation!

A collection of the best police vs lawbreakers clips! On foot chases, street racers trying to get away, thugs, druggies, thieves, and a whole many others vs cops. Police at their best is a compilation of the best cop chases, enjoy!